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  • a. Personal data – any information regarding an identified or identifiable person; an identifiable person is the person that can be identified directly or indirectly, particularly through an id number or one or several features specific to his physical, physiologic, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity
  • b. Using personal data – any operation or set of operations performed with personal date, by automate means or non-automate, such as collecting, recording, organizing, keeping, adapting or modifying, extracting, consulting, using, disclosing to other parties by transmission in any way, combining, blocking, deleting or destruction
  • c. Data keeping – retaining personal data on any kind of support
  • d. Personal data evidence system – any organized personal data system, accessible according to specific criteria, whether this structure is centralized or not or whether it is organized according to functional or geographical criteria
  • e. Operator – any person or company, with private or public rights, including public authorities, institutions and territorial entities that establishes the purpose and means to handle personal data
  • f. Third party – any person or company with public or private rights, including public authorities, institutions and territorial entities authorized to handle data under the direct authority of the operator or person designated to handle personal data
  • g. Addressee – any person or company with public or private rights, including public authorities, institutions and territorial entities that receives personal data; public authorities that data is disclosed to as a consequence to special competences will not be considered addressees
  • h. Anonymous data – data that due to origin or specific handling procedures can’t be associated with an identified or identifiable person
  • i. "Business contact" data – data that includes name, position, business address, phone, email of an employee in a company. Business contact data do not enter in the category of personal data
  • j. Statistic data – personal data that have been obtained as a result of processing by an operator but that can’t be used to identify a person and are used exclusively in statistical purpose or to inform or promote Inotec can collect from your personal data only with you approval and if you voluntarily provide them

Personal data collection

The registration form on asks for business contact data that we can use to identify and contact you.

We use personal data with the following purposes:

  • To assure that the web page content is relevant to your needs
  • To deliver Services you opted for
  • To support our intent to show to you the most relevant content and to improve usability of the Site
  • To permit access to restricted areas of the Sites

Inotec collects and processes statistically information about pages visited, including IP-s. Inotec may use cookies to temporarily store personal data with the following purposes:

  • To maintain and improve the security
  • To improve the usability and quality of its services

The site contains links you can use to send as emails. We use you email address to respond to your request and your message will be retained for future references, should you decide to contact us again. Your name and email address are business contact data and Inotec will use them, and even send them to third parties, if you give your approval.

Inotec may disclose personal data to third parties upon request from authorities or if it is necessary to: (a) abide by the law; (b) defend and protect Inotec copyrights or (c) in urgent matters to protect personal safety of employees, services/products users and public persons.

When we are asked or allowed to disclose personal date, we will only reveal those data necessary to meet specific requests.

Inotec does not sell, change or rent personal data.


Collecting personal data

Additional to declarations above, collection of personal data on also implies:

Online payment forms that you need to complete when paying online on the site of a merchant that uses Inotec. You will have to complete all mandatory fields, providing as well personal data.

We use personal data collected on with the following purposes:

  • Invoicing products/services that you have ordered
  • Deliver services and products
  • Finish online payments
  • Ensure the proper security level of the transaction by applying antifraud filters

Personal data may be disclosed without your consent when handling fraud incidents to the following addressees: banks involved in online payments, card international organizations, service/products suppliers and, according to Law 676/2001, to proper authorities.

Continuing your ecommerce transaction on represents your approval for processing personal data in the informatics evidence system by Inotec, personal data operator registered at People’s Advocate no 1825/2004.

Use of statistic and anonymous data

Inotec may use statistic and anonymous data resulted from processing with the following purposes:

  • Building analysis, reports
  • Sending information materials
  • Publishing, promoting, selling products and services offered by Inotec
  • Security of collected data

Inotec uses security methods and technologies together with security policies and procedures applied to its employees, including control and audit, to protect personal data collected according to the law.

Your personal data with the exception of credit card details, is collected and stored on a secure server (SSL - Secure Socket Layers), using a digital certificate issued by VeriSign and also a firewall. Such secure servers make almost impossible any attempt of third parties to access and/or use your personal data without authorization.

Our servers are hosted and protected from physical access in proper technical conditions. We put all our efforts into protecting your personal data and we constantly upgrade our structure. As a result of these efforts, we have obtained the PCI DSS certification, the most important security standard in the online payment industry.

External links

Our sites may have links to other sites, distinct from ours. These sites may have a different privacy policy.


Inotec does not sell products or services to minors. We do sell products destined for minors, but only if bought by an adult.

Applicable Law

The present Privacy Policy and/or any dispute that might arise between Inotec and you are governed by the applicable law in Romania. All the disputes will be handled initially on an amiable basis and in the event that such a dispute cannot be closed the dispute shall be settled by the arbitration of the competent courts.


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