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Sorin Stefan

CEO , founder

Working hard to prove that with the right team and the right mindset, everything can be done. People-oriented and problem solver he’s always looking to develop and implement the best e-business solutions that would help companies increase their competitiveness on the market.

Hobbies: aquarium hobbyist, photography, tennis

Laura Stefan


Amazing skills in all aspects of accounting, financial and people management. The projects that combine both finance and IT are her favorites. She’s also in love with acronyms like P&L, CF, IFRS, M&A, ERP, CRM.

Hobbies: crosswords, reading, people, artificial intelligence

Lucian Nan

Software Engineer

Detective software writing code used on custom programs developed in-house. He’s also designing the step-by-step flowcharts for computing systems that show how program code must be written in order for it to work properly.

Hobbies: computers, technology news, sweets, family movies.

Iunia Biziitu

Software Engineer

Soft development of robust, scalable code by her seriously talented skills on PHP technology.

Hobbies: great adventure books, happy-end movies, musicals, jazz age, Rome

Mihai Radu

Software Developer

Enthusiastic Developer transforming substantial visions and smart ideas into flawless web pages, using the newest technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript).

Hobbies: sport, psychological movies, very-good music and the efficient NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

Silviu Zero

Marketing Designer

Modern minimalist devotee doing visuals for marketing campaigns, social media, newsletters, Landing Pages and all sort of design templates.

Hobbies: theatre, Romanian film, contemporary history, adventures in other countries, modern poetry

Georgiana Ciofoaia

Community Crafter/ Social Storyteller

Versatile copywriter, delighting clients with delicious crisp copy and tangible business results. Translating the product into solid customer benefits and engaging them into her stories.

Hobbies: chocolate, ballet, watches, Jonathan Coe, Bucharest, thick books, fado.

Sebastian Cosmor

PPC Specialist

Performance Media Executive building and improving strategies on online channels like Adwords, Facebook. KPIs are his Gods while he’s crocheting SEO strategies or putting together creative campaigns.

Hobbies: nature photography, PC gaming, parties, adventure movies.

Ciprian Harabagiu

Business Developer

Skilled business developer in charge with client prospecting, analysis and development opportunities, as well as brand placement, new client acquisition, market expansion and awareness.

Hobbies: Travelling, Sports, Technology, Photography, Puzzle, Origami, Hiking

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