Gold, hand-made jewlery

Project Description

Skillfully modeled by jeweler crafter Daniel Teashala, the epic creations signed by ZEHAVA originated in 2007, when the gemstones adventure was born in a little boutique from Bucharest.

Because Zehava jewels are designed to reveal the personality and uniqueness for those who wear them, the project that we've created together with the Zehava team, was indeed unique.

Thus, starting from our client’s brief, we created a landing page for generating leads among young people that are going to get married and who are looking for wedding rings. In the landing page, they had to choose between two types of rings created by Zehava - traditional designs and modern patterns. Throughout the promotional campaign, we continuously optimized the landing page to improve conversion and obtain as many leads as we can.

Project Details
What we did:

Web & Mobile development, User experience design, Digital Strategy, Copywriting

Technologies Used:

PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script

Project URL:


Optimization for lead generation

Wedding rings targeted campaign

Strong focused design: continuous adjustment on the user


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