Radio Regie Music  
Content Manangement Custom App

Project Description

Regie Radio Music is a client for which we have created one of the most successful custom application. Project RRM was launched in autumn 1996 as the Radio Total sales house. RRM is the umbrella for most listened radio stations in Romania (Europe FM, Radio 21 FM Vibe, Smart FM). Also, RRM is host for Liberty Parade, the biggest dance festival.

Inotec has created a custom application to manage advertising space on the radio. In this application the RRM introduce advertising campaigns and all advertisers and application generates a playlist of spots that later reach the emission software. The application generates not only when to post a spot if a show is on air but also generates bills, expert reports or activity reports of selling advertising space.

Project Details
What we did:

Web development, Custom design & Implementation

Technologies Used:

PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script

Project URL:


11+ years since custom app is up & running

4 top notch radio stations in Romania

Ground-breaking web portal that enhance control & predictability

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