Pet Manufacturers  
Customised solutions for monitorizing full-flow

Project Description

We are all big fans of cute pets, that’s no secret. One of the biggest USA online retalier specialised in sales & distribution of pets products, Pets Manufacturers come to us with one of the most appealing idea: developing an online store adapted both the B2B and B2C market. ERP integration was also one of the challenges that we have successfully solved.

Pets solutions were designed specifically to increase sales and to keep up the multiple integrations. We are vividly doing new features month by month for order management, sales team management, invoice management, timesheet module, warehouse management, or call center team.

Project Details
What we did:

E-commerce, Web development

Technologies Used:

PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script

Project URL:


8 years developing custom solutions

Multiple Integrations and continuous improving

Groundbreaking web portal that enhance control & predictibility

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